Why disruptive?

Because candidate's needs are our priority. We own experience, skills and courage to advise our customer..

Our mindset is very clear

unhappy candidate = unhappy customer. Treat your candidate as you would wish to be treated! If you are willing to recruit motivated candidates for jobs inside and outside Romania we are the one.

So, what is 3minutesjob actually about?

Human Equality

We believe every human being deserves a job opportunity, no matter of age, sex or ethnic origins.

Interviews Feedback

We believe in a compulsory after interviews Feedback, how can we grow up without it?

HR in 2020

We are social, on social, we talk and listen to them, we are a community.

Reduced Inequalities

We focus on different people, willing to let them be part of the system.

Need a new team member?

The team is more than everything!

Our Team

Andrea Adamo

Sales Senior

Alina Hlipica

Social Media Expert

Gabriel Lupu

Tech Guru

Anca Crap

Events Coordinator

Cristina Mihali

Senior Hr

Andreea Andrei